Instruction and Educational Programming

I am strongly committed to education and the empowerment of youth. In support of this, I am involved in a wide range of educational activities.

Scott Mateo Davies

Group & Private Instruction

For group instruction I utilize the system taught by my mentor, Aquilino Jimenez, “el Entri,” in Cañaroto, Madrid. This method emphasizes the acquisition of technique over the memorization of repertoire. My technique class meets for two hours each week. I foster a relaxed and supportive environment where I carefully train guitarists of all levels in development of their technique—picado, rasgueo, arpegio, tremolo and alza pua as well as rhythm and repertoire.

Additionally, I offer private, individualized instruction with a curriculum that covers the spectrum of flamenco repertoire: solea’, alegria, tango, buleria among others. These one-hour classes are offered at my home and prearranged on an individual basis.

I am teaching classes through ZOOM now, and I have students all over the world doing this.

Education In The Schools

Grades K-12: In collaboration with dancer Colette Illarde, I have developed workshops and residencies tailored to the skills and needs of students at various grade levels. Our workshop model combines live flamenco performance with interactive lecture demonstrations that cover all aspects of flamenco-its multicultural origins and history, the song, dance, music, poetry and rhythms. We frequently end with a fun fiesta that involves everyone.

University Level and Continuing Education: Our workshops are tailored to engage university students and adult learners. I have lectured extensively at the college level, guitar in hand, delivering programs ranging from a broad overview of flamenco to specific individualized guitar instruction.

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