I’m Back (never really went away….)

So now it’s mid-2023 and I haven’t posted here since last August. Lots has happened. I did spend part of the winter in Guatemala, playing some nice shows and just loving my time there. Then I went to Spain; spent a week in Granada. Delicious! Then, on to Madrid and the life I love there so much. With one notable exception: My dearest friend, David Serva Jones, was no longer there. He died on October 27th, 2022. His death was very difficult for me. Every time I feel like I’m dealing with it well, it sneaks up on me and clobbers me once again.

So, I’ll be out having a drink somewhere. I don’t go to bars often these days unless I’m doing a show there. But, sometimes I still do. After a couple/few wines I’ll make my way to the bathroom. Inevitably, I wind up staring at myself in the mirror…and, just like that, I’m there with David. It’s so weird, difficult to explain. But, for 40 years and more, we spent so much time in bars together, talking about flamenco usually. It was such a part of my life. Often, we were in the same 3-4 places—the “Portugues” place on Calle Encomienda y Meson de Paredes, for example. Or Antonio Sanchez, around the corner. Or “Bar Amargo,” not the real name. Often we were with Fletcher, now deceased for more than 10 years. I’d dip downstairs where the “loo” was and study my face as I washed my hands—it became a familiar sensation. “Otra ves,” buzzed with David. The Paul Butterfield song “I’m Drunk Again,” would come to mind. Funny how things like this can be the thread that sort of stitches the fabric of your days together.

So, now, all I have to do is go to a bar, alone. Have a couple of wines—David always ordered vinos for me to accompany his “botellines”—eventually, make my way to the bathroom, look at myself. Presto, David. You’re with me again. 40 years You were a major constant in my life. I miss you so damn much. Then there were those Sundays in Madrid at la CaÑa—right by Reina Sophia museum. Drinking Cuco and eating couscous, acting like idiots and having such a time.

Descanse en Paz, Gran Artista. Gran Amigo. Gran Persona.