I’ve not posted for way too long…busy summer, yes.  Lots of cool gigs and opportunities, yes.  Lots of Face Book and social media stuff, yes indeed.  But:  NO EXCUSES!

You gotta go to youtube and watch “El Sol, la Sal, el Son—-its a 2 hour special by Jesus Quintero that is chock full of great performances of a number of Spain’s top artists of today.  Since receiving the UNESCO recognition, el Patrimonio de Humanidad,  flamenco seems to be reveling in its own genuine awesomeness.  I love this show in particular.

And what’s up with Beni de Cadiz?  I know very little about him except that he is 1. great and 2. sings in Arabic as well as Spanish.

And yes, indeed:  ROGUE TANGO is for REAL!  We’ve taken over hosting the Sunday evening milongas (tango dances) at the Loring Pasta Bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We have a FB presence, also;  “friend” us at Rogue Tango!  Mandragora Tango is winding down their activities. particularly since leader and bandoneonist Bob Barnes has decided to greatly curtail his performing schedule.  Ironically, Mandragora’s newest CD:  Barrio Longfellow is finally out and soon available on i-tunes.  We have a CD release show planned for early November of this year.   I am very excited about this CD.  Seriously excited!

Several former members of Mandragora Tango, through the years, are now participating in Rogue Tango.   I am so happy to be reuniting with these wonderful musicians.  Not to mention:  playing Argentine Tango is a delight all of its own.  And Rachel, laMala, is such a talented singer as well as percussionist.  So for those of you out there bemoaning the passing of Mandragora Tango:  Take Heart!  We’re Alive and Active!  We Need Your Continued Support!