26 April, 2018: Madrid

Nearly 80 degrees, sunny and divine.

I’m at Peyma, my “office,” on calle Embajadores. Great place. Totally unpretentious with good food, drinks, cafe and “menu del dia.” I’m staying with a friend, across the street and up the hill a bit. Playing my Montalvo guitar, from Paracho, Mexico, that’s been at my piso (38 Olivar in Lavapies) since I can remember. With new Savarez strings it sounds great! Resonant, rich. Practicing a lot, which I always do when I’m in Madrid (so many great players inspire me, yes indeed!).

Good progress with that, in part due to listening to so much Glenn Gould. My NEW obsession: the “Glenn Gouldization” of my playing. I’m trying to analyze what, exactly, that means….