Celebration….and Dengue

17 September, Antigua, Guatemala

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to my daughter, “Amazing” Grace (Sep 13) and to my youngest, dancer Aaron (today Sep 17). Although I am sad to be apart from them at this time, I am heartened to know that I’ll be with them both in two weeks. We SHALL celebrate!

Additionally, I’ve been down for a week (and still counting…) with dengue. A tropical sort of influenza: fever, chills, intense headache, general sluggishness. I have given 2 successful solo performances during this time, managed by carefully monitoring rest and medication. I think I’m emerging into the light, albeit gradually. It has never felt so good to sweat, believe me! (Oh, perspire; no, sweat!)

Fortunately, my room is large, bright, clean, and cozy. There is a delightful patio as well as rooftop terrace. And, the staff is fabulous, bringing me soups, tea n sympathy—spoiling me more than a bit. I am so grateful.

Guatemalan Independence Day was September 15: a rainy, boisterous and joyful blowout. Not the worst time to be tucked up warmly in bed, away from the parades, the kazoos and noise makers, the fireworks. Basta ya!