Mandragora [email protected] Center: Thank you!!

On January 12th we were in concert at the Hopkins Center for the Arts (Hopkins, MN).  There was a huge turnout and many many tango regulars came to support us.  Our heartfelt thanks to each of them.  Their aficion, enthusiasm and friendship is so important to the band.  The evening featured some stunning dance performances by Florencia Taccetti and her partner, Somer Surgit.  The entire time was an enormous high for me.  I can honestly say I live for evenings like this.

Tango is gaining popularity all over the world and it is easy to see why.  I have gone on and on about its merits in other posts—I will only say that playing tango guitar feeds my soul (and not just on empanadas, either).  Along with flamenco, I feel I am tapped in to some of the richest music/dance on earth.

Thank you.