Pumping Nylon in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Recently, I’ve been doing a good deal of teaching from my home base in Minneapolis.  As the temperatures plummet to well below zero (!),  guitar aficionados find themselves cracking a sweat from my Sunday afternoon flamenco-guitar-technique-workout-class.

I just started a technique class for beginners.  It goes from noon until 1:30PM (every Sunday—I almost NEVER cancel the class…) and moves along slowly with great detail shown to the acquisition of proper (por derecho, se dice…) hand positioning in order to execute the myriad techniques required to play flamenco guitar.  These include:  rasgueo, picado, arpegio, alza pua’, tremelo, horquilla as well as left hand positioning.

At 2PM the advanced class begins.  It moves fast, it is fun, it is very lively.  We have palmeros and often a singer.  We do lots of exercises that cover all the above mentioned techniques.  We also play several solo pieces and do cante accompaniment.   I really love leading this group and watching each person’s amazing progress week to week.

I studied with El Entri in Cañarroto, Madrid (Spain) and run the class very closely along the lines of his classes, which he asked me to do.  Although I have studied with several great guitar maestros—I am grateful to each one—I believe his class is the best for the systematic and rapid development of flamenco guitar technique.  Plus, some of the pieces he taught me are great! Lastly, everyone is encouraged to create their own material, or “falsetas,”  in the time honored style of true flamenco.

If you are interested in participating,  either e-mail me at this site or call me at (612) 749-2662.  I welcome you to join us.