Notes From the Frozen Tundra—Tango Groove Party!!

Here in Minneapolis, Minnesota the fierce winter continues it’s headlong stagger, now well into March.  Not since I carried a paper route, at age 12, can I recollect anything like this.  Then, the only redemption from barren iciness were the shooting stars streaking across the 5 AM sky—me, a helpless, bespectacled little nerd running around crazily tossing newspapers on 84 separate doorsteps, all the while longing for hot chocolate and my warm bed.

Fast forward to 2008.  We haven’t escaped Minnesota this winter—not for Madrid, or Buenos Aires or Guatemala—and this makes it tougher to bear.  The redemption has been lots  and lots of wonderful shows, and gigs, and parties, and general borracheras.

Mandragora Tango  spent some time in the studio this week.  We’re starting work on our third CD and we’re excited about the seven tracks we’ve managed to lay down already.  The group has a nice East coast tour lining up in mid June and I am loving this band.  We’ve got great personnel and everyone is committed to really nailing the tango style and articulation and unique Argentine flavor (did someone say “gnocchis?”  Guess not…).

Anyway—Mandragora Tango is hosting a Tango Groove Dance Party on March 22nd, the evening before Easter Sunday.  It will be at Candelabra Studios, 1517 Central Ave in Northeast Minneapolis.  The party begins around 9PM and will certainly go late—at least until 3AM.  Mandragora will alternate sets with DeeJayed Tango Nuevo and there will likely be guest musicians and dancers.  Cost is $8.00—there will be tapas, wine and other drinks.  The band will be playing a lot of Piazzolla and jammy fun music we don’t often get to play at the more conventional milongas.  We love the Guardia Vieja stuff, and the Edad Oro stuff and all tango, really.  And we will play all that—but also stretch out a bit.

So, we’re excited about March 22nd.  I hope this is the first of, perhaps,  monthly parties of this kind—please come out and join us whether you dance or not.  Besides, dancing tango is fun even if you don’t know what you’re doing.  And every new paso you pick up is just that much more fun….

Flamenco Mateo has been active, as well, doing a number of cuadro flamenco shows around town:  at Solera, la Bodega, Normandale Community College and, coming up on March 14th and again on March 28th—at Macy’s Flower Show (in their downtown store).  Flower-show-flamenco—you figure.

At month’s end I’m taking off with my 15 year old son, Aaron, to spend his spring break in Los Angeles.  We’ll be visiting my two older children,  Mikhail and Grace, and their families (including my almost 4 year old grandson Saif).  We’ll be eating and drinking well, and hiking, and hanging out, soaking up warmth and sunshine, and maybe doing some recording.  I have in mind to do some trance-like, trippy almost meditative,  flamenco grooves.  I’m a big fan of B Tribe (Ojos de Brujo, too) and want to do my own take on this.

This is a very long post.  I need to sit down and do this more often.   Maybe I’ll be briefer that way.  I’ve been told short and punchy posts catch the eye and actually get read.  Thank you, readers, for your comments.  They are much appreciated.  Ciao.