A Pepe Habichuela: 60 Anyos de Guitarra Flamenca

Its a 3 concert homage to this (still VERY active!) guitarist from Granada. Tonight was the 2nd concert and I have to write about it…IT WAS INCREDIBLE!!!!

Tomatito opened the show and, from his first note, the night turned magical. Then Jose Merce appeared and sang extremely well, accompanied by Tomatito and, sometimes, Josemi Carmona. Here I have to diverge a moment and say that Josemi has done, and continues to do, a sterling job putting this thing together, directing it, playing very very well—he’s the glue holding it all together. My respect for this man is enormous.

El Pele followed: powerful powerful. His opening Siguiriyas was accompanied by Pepe Habichuela, then Josemi and Tomatito took over. Pele can be so unbelievably compelling, entrancing, mystical even. Tonight he was all of these things.

Then Ninya Pastori—-true star-power. Without being pushy, aggressive, or in any way overbearing she spun a magical web that ensnared us all. (Sorry for all the “y’s” but I don’t have tilde on my computer)

Then—–Farruquito. Predictably mind-blowing. His baile continues to deepen. He’s compelling, to say the least.

Fin de fiesta was a love feast. Best show I’ve seen in years. 1st show was excellent, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s featuring Poveda as well as Israel Galvan. BTW: Canales danced on night 1—-I LOVE Canales!