Me Quedo en Casa!

That’s the Spanish equivalent of “shelter in place.” It seems to be the most effective means of checking the spread of this dreadful and fearsomely deadly virus. Here in Madrid, just this morning the government put in place another order to stay inside for the next 15 days, at least. Spain had a very bad day yesterday: 3076 new cases and 372 new deaths bringing their totals to 28,572 cases and 1753 total deaths. So, it is VERY REAL here, don’t doubt it. And despite what one may be hearing from the US government, it will likely far surpass Spain’s suffering or even Italy’s, who are incredibly hard-hit.
I grieve for the Iranians who, despite having very high numbers of cases and deaths, are reeling under draconian sanctions imposed and even ratched-up by the US government. What is the most distressing to me is the brutality and indifference exhibited. Apparently, hard-core Republicans like the hard-ass approach—Marlboro Man once again! I am ashamed, to put it mildly. I’ve been to Iran twice and found their society and their people to be among the most generous, kind and friendly I’ve ever known. As a non-sequitar, let me add that they also produce a lot of really excellent flamenco guitarists!
So, yes, I am staying inside, pretty much ALL the time. I did go out briefly, to the supermarket, for supplies yesterday. I waited in a block-long line of people 2 meters (6 feet) apart as admittance was being very carefully regulated. When my time came, I found the shelves quite full and found plenty of manchego, yoghurt, fruits, veggies and wine. I thanked everyone I dealt with for their brave service—they were, everyone, self-deprecating but appreciative. A couple of them opened up and gave me sincere reports of what they are dealing with. The Spanish people are an inspiration. They are very touchy-feely and also tend to live very long lives and this, in part, explains the impact of the virus. Every evening, at 8 pm, on the dot, they open their windows, balconies, patios and stand up, boisterously cheering and applauding the health-care workers. I can not help myself from getting very emotional and choked up. I suppose with my age and my A-fib heart condition I am at risk. I don’t know, at this point, when I can return to the US—surely I’ll face a quarantine when that happens. I do very much want to be with my children and their families. Apart from that, I’m fine remaining here.
Lots and lots of guitar! Book editing is coming along, too. Looking into ZOOM classes. Shelter in place! Be safe!