Ninyo Miguel

I just learned of the passing of the (at least, in my estimation) legendary guitarist from Huelva: Ninyo Miguel. I have to spell Ninyo with a “y” because I can not find enye on this laptop. Sorry.

He died on May 23rd, 2013 of pneumonia, in Huelva. Anyway, he’s a complicated figure and I just love his playing and my heart broke in following his tragic story. I feel that he had an amazingly integrated technique in his toque that tied everything together and allowed him to access such depths of emotion, even spirituality. And his great playing came when he was still very young and immature—imagine this youhg genious continuing his artistic/spiritual assent without the onset of schizophrenia, alcoholism, and drug addiction.

Chilling to listen to Paco de Lucia speaking of the great loss of such an incredible flamenco—Paco himself passed 9 months later.